The World Scratch Map

I am itching to know why a lot of people are talking about how this thing is a #stuffgoal for  wanderlust, so I decided to get one and see for myself what is this Scratch the World Map or World Scratch Map is about. I just received my package today and I’ll consider this review a fast post.

By the way, if there are any suppliers aside from this one, this Map is sold by Panda Trading.

So here’s to my scratching of curiosity:

I searched online where can I get this around Manila with the lowest price I can find. Its first release had an original price of PHP 999 in Lazada but I was able to get this from for PHP499 with free delivery service around the area.

If you don’t have a Metrodeal account yet, get one and register here:

So after placing my order on a weekend, I waited a day for the update since their working hours would only be weekdays until 5pm, then I received these shipping details. Shipping is said to arrive around 2-4 days around Manila.


I am actually expecting this to arrive on Friday but I was totally surprised with Xsend‘s fast delivery service! The courier called me as he was searching for my definite location. While I always instruct couriers to do the same (since my location is a bit difficult to find), this is the only person who actually exerted effort to find his way here. Couriers sometimes rely only on what’s on the address but somehow the exact address you wrote that are meant to be printed on packages do not appear the same so I’d always prefer them calling me when they’re about to bring the package.

So As you can see I purchased it last Sunday and it arrived today. (2017-03-21)


Here’s my quick review upon unboxing it:

  1. Packaging and size

The map is enclosed in a cardboard tube and is totally giftable! It is lightweight with a specific LWH: 64 x 8 x 8. Pretty large in format so prepare for space. The Map is printed on a hard glossy paper too with the Continents covered by an aluminum scratch film material to unveil designated colors.


Here’s a comparison of the Length using my tower so you could imagine what it looks like when live.

Opening the tube reveals the map itself:


2. Details

I am a bit particular with details especially when I get toy displays for my room, so I can say this is okay but not A-OK if I wanted more locations to mark, the Philippines here only highlights ‘Baguio, Manila, and Davao’ when there are a lot of destinations to get lost to around here in PH. While it highlights specific areas to go around the world, this map in particular only points some places known in the World, I guess if you get the map on a more expensive detail, it’ll cost higher like the ones found in in London, where I think  all these ideas came from.

This crop is pixelated but you’ll see atleast there are three highlights only along the Philippine Islands.


I haven’t posted it on my wall just yet, however if you’re a big fan of travelling, or you know someone who’s fond of getting lost around the world it’s a great deal of a gift and display, the size and appearance of the whole Map for me is very affordable at the price of PHP 499 but too much for PHP 999, unless you plan to buy a more intricate Map and you are a voyager at heart, then it’s all yours to get.

Metrodeal is still on-line! Grab yours and display your inner Columbus or Amundsen.

Promo voucher:


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