The Philippines has a dynamic range of culture and arts among South East Asian countries, this range has been the harvest of numerous influences that came across the land and even expanded as time passed by, which gave birth to different art forms from Visual, Performance, Music, Literature and the list goes on.

Every February, as declared by former president Cory Aquino, we celebrate National Arts Month (Proclamation 683, signed Jan 29, 1991) by bringing Filipinos together through artistic performances, exhibitions, or any related Philippine-culture programs that would showcase the best of Filipino Artistry.

And this is how PASINAYA started. All for the love of art!

PASINAYA, originally, is a one-day event of unlimited arts for a pay-what-you-can pass. There you will see the biggest gathering of Filipino artists, each showcasing their crafts in different art forms. Now it has become two days! A day for workshop and another for performances.

This event as described by the head Stage Manager Ms. Nikki Torres is “Paspasang” PASINAYA which means this is one of the biggest events held by the Cultural Center of the Philippines with all the necessary documentations and processing done in a month or less. From the base form up to its entirety, the event has only a month with all the materials and performers gathered for the audiences to explore and enjoy.

But “Don’t get me wrong” she said, “Hastily does not mean we are not prepared.”

True enough! This event, with a little time, has put up numerous performers coming from different corners of the Philippines! Luzon? Visayas? Mindanao? Name it! From the solo performances to companies, it could look like it would take longer than a month to assemble but nope, PASINAYA even got you free buses to different museums to enjoy for a very affordable price.

Now on it’s 13th Year, with the theme ARTS for PEACE, PASINAYA will once again bring you closer to diversity and the artistic community of our country. Now loaded with a day full of WORKSHOPS! You can now discover your craft, you just have to join one.

I discovered mine. I bet you are curious to your art form too.

So just go!

Below is an overview of PASINAYA 2017:


The CCP Open House Festival

“Experience-All-You-Can, See-All-You-Can, Pay-What-You-Can!”


Cultural Center of the Philippines


Palihan: February 4, 2017 | 9:00AM to 3:00PM

Palabas: February 5, 2017 | 8:00AM to 6:00PM

Various CCP Venues

Various Museums and Galleries in Manila

For further information and other events in CCP you may visit:


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